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Kettlebell Muscle Workout

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Kettlebell Muscle Workout From the creator of top app Kettlebell Fat Loss comes the next Kettlebell instructional- Kettlebell Muscle Workout!
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Top personal trainer Samuel Pont instructs you on some of the best muscle building Kettlebell techniques around. Using a kettlebell to build muscle can be a great way to get a hard lean body, but you have to know which techniques are best for building muscle - exercise selection is crucial and very different from normal kettlebell techniques such as the swings and snatches. Within the videos Samuel will show you correct form on the best kettlebell exercises for muscle building to get your body looking lean and hard in no time at all. Then in the drills section he’ll show you how to group exercises for maximum muscle building effect and a great workout.
This app is in UK English
Over 35 minutes of video content all self contained within the app so you can workout anywhere with Samuel regardless of signal! A complete workout DVD at the fraction of the cost! Samuel has conditioned countless athletes with kettlebells boosting their strength and increasing their fitness- time to let him do the same for you. Sam built his body with bells- so you can see it works!
-16 follow along kettlebell instructional clips clearly demonstrating how to perform each move, time to learn from one of the best personal trainers around!
Movements Covered-
-The Chest Press-The Chest Fly-The Kettlebell Push Up-The Close Grip Push Up-The Kettlebell Pullover-The Upright Row-The Front Raise-The Press-The Wide Row-The Close Grip in Row-The Crush Curls-The Hammer Curl-The 21 Curl-The Overhead Extension-The Squat_The Deadlift
Then after practicing your muscle building techniques Samuel will show you how to group them together so you can really enhance the kettlebell muscle building effect!
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